Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

2020 3rd International Conference on Green Buildings and Environmental Management (GBEM 2020)  aims to provide a high-level international conference for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of green building and environmental management.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

(Ⅰ) Green Building  / 绿色建筑

1)   Habitat Reconstruction1)栖息地重建
2) Ecological Architecture2)生态建筑
3) Building energy-saving   technology3)建筑节能技术
4) Science of architectural design4)建筑设计科学
5) Building structure5)建筑结构
6) Building Technology6)建筑技术
7) Building materials (green   materials, advanced materials, traditional materials)



8) Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering8)建筑环境与设备工程
9) Intelligent building9)智能建筑
10) Carbon Capture and Storage10)碳捕获和储存
11) Indoor Environment11)室内环境
12) Landscape Planning and  Design12)景观规划和设计
13) Architectural Design and  Theory13)建筑设计及其理论
14) Urban Planning and Design14)城市规划和设计
15) Sustainable City and  Regional Development15)可持续的城市和区域发展

(Ⅱ) Structures and Civil Engineering / 结构与土木工程

1)   Structural Engineering1)结构工程
2) Bridge Engineering2)桥梁工程
3) Geotechnical Engineering3)岩土工程
4) Geological Engineering4)地质工程
5) Tunnel, Subway and  Underground   Facilities5)隧道、地铁和地下设施
6) Seismic Engineering6)地震工程
7) Road and Railway  Engineering7)公路、铁路工程
8) Transportation Engineering8)交通工程
9) Hydraulic Engineering9)水利工程
10) Coastal Engineering10)海岸工程
11) Water Supply and Drainage   Engineering11)给排水工程
12) Heating, Gas Supply,   Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works12)供热、供气、通风和空调的工作原理
13) Monitoring and Control of   Structures13)监测和控制结构
14) Structural Rehabilitation,   Retrofitting and Strengthening14)结构修复、改造和加固
15) Reliability and Durability   of   Structures15)结构的可靠性和耐用性
16) Cartography and Geographic   Information System16)地图学和地理信息系统
17) Surveying Engineering17)测绘工程
18) Computational Mechanics18)计算力学
19) Construction Technology19)施工工艺
20) Computer Simulation and   CAD/CAE20)计算机模拟和CAD、CAE


(Ⅲ) Environment Management / 环境管理

1) Disaster Prevention and Mitigation1)防灾减灾
2) Global Warming2)全球变暖
3) Meteorology3)气象
4) Environment - Friendly   Construction and Development4)环保建设和发展
5) Quality Guidelines,   Environmental Regulation, Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental   Contaminant5)质量方针、环境监管和环境污染物的监测和分析
6) Renewable Sources of   Energy-energy Savings6)可再生能源的能量储蓄
7) Suspended and Fixed Film  Biological Processes7)悬浮固定膜生物法
8) Satellite Applications in   the Environment8)卫星应用环境
9) Sustainable City and  Regional Development9)可持续性发展和地域性发展
10) Solid Waste Management10)固体废物管理
11) Renewable Energy and  Building Energy Saving11)可再生能源和建筑节能
12) City Ecological  Environment Indoor   Environment12)城市生态环境与室内环境
13) Waste Minimization13)废物最少化
14) Sustainable Cities14)可持续性城市
15) Wastewater and Sludge Treatment15)废水和污泥处理
16) Water Purification and  Wastewater Treatment16)水净化和废水处理
17) Technical aspects of  Treatment and Disposal Methods (Landfilling, Thermal Treatment etc.)17)技术方面的治疗和处理方法(垃圾填埋、热处理等)
18) Air Environment Control and Architectural Environment Improvement Techniques18)空气环境控制和建筑环境的改善方法
19) Environmental Engineering and Environmental Protection19)环境工程与环境保护

(Ⅳ) Other related topics / 其他相关主题